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VisaForBali helps to obtain a DJ visa

Are you a successful DJ who dreamed of working in the paradise island of Bali, famous for amazing parties every evening? Enjoy your creative job and VisaForBali will take care of your visa. Now VisaForBali can arrange a special DJ visa.
DJ visa is needed for DJs who are going to work on the territory of Indonesia.
To apply for this visa, you should provide:
- the photos of the passport's first page
- passport's cover photo
- payment
VisaForBali will become responsible for this DJ, that is, their visa sponsor. In addition, the company will take care of the whole process of issuing a work visa (KITAS).

The process of obtaining DJ working visa

First, the process of obtaining TELEX-permission takes about a month. Then the agency receives a telex and sends it to the DJ, who should go to the Indonesian Embassy abroad, pay $ 100 and get a visa in their passport.
Upon arrival in Bali, you should give the agency your passport, and the agency will complete the processing of documents for the visa in about 3 weeks. After that the DJ can get their passport back.
Speeding ​​up the process of obtaining a PASSPORT - for an additional IDR 500.000.

Working locations with DJ visa

You can work with such a DJ visa in Bali and Jakarta.

DJ visa extension and renewal

This visa is non-extendable. When it expires, you should do the process of EPO (exit permit only) closing. For this you will need a ticket from Indonesia and a passport. The PRICE for EPO closing is IDR 500.000.
When the visa is closed, you repeat the same process again and get a new DJ visa.

DJ visa cost

The cost is IDR 10.000.000 + USD 600 (as a governmental tax) for 6 months of work.

Contact for DJ visa

For more information on obtaining DJ visa for you, please contact VisaForBali manager (Whatsap: +6282 147 068 451, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rolly.extensionbali, email: info1visaforbali @ gmail. com)
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