Dear clients!
Finally, the fees for visa extensions in the immigration offices became clear. We can confirm the NEW rates for social visa and VOA extensions.
Regular extension - 800.000 IDR (processing during 12-15 business days)
Fast extension service - 900.000 IDR  (processing during 7-8 business days)
Superfast extension service - 1.050.000 IDR  (processing during 3-4 business days)
There is still some confusion about social visas extensions terms (for 60/30 days) and about  different prices
Please notice that visas still can be extended for 30 days. The option for 60 days extension is available only for former Indonesian citizens who can prove their past status. 
So, for all the foreign tourists the term of visa extension stays same. Just the price has changed a bit.
As the overstay fee becomes 1.000.000 IDR per one day per one person, let's keep more attention to your visa term
Please send us a message upon arrival with the photo of your visa and we will advise you when to start the extension or when to leave Bali to avoid money loss.
Let us to take care about your visa! You are welcome to enjoy Bali!
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